Who is Anna Conkey and Why Did She Bring a Gun to Church on Easter Sunday?

Anna Conkey, 31, walked into a San Diego church with a handgun and her 10-month-old baby. Here's what we know about her so far

Conkey walked into church on Easter Day at Mount Everest Academy while pastor, Benjamin Wisan was presiding. In the past, Conkey has had negative interactions with her church and actually had the police called on her. Pastor Wisan believes that Conkey was "not in her right mind" when she started uttering random words. Once parishioners saw that she had a handgun, they moved in to tackle her. Turns out, the gun wasn't loaded with any bullets. Her baby has been put into protective custody since the incident.

Who is Anna Conkey?

Anna is married to Zach Conkey and the couple has 2 children together... one of them being the 10-month-old baby that was with her when she was at the church on Easter Sunday.

Anna Conkey spent 6 years in the US Navy as a communication specialist doing graphic and web design, photojournalism and was later a freelance journalist for local San Diego news organizations such as NBC and KPBS. She wrote news articles and did some video editing while she was at NBC from June 2017 - February 2018. Before that, she interned as an assistant news producer at KPBS.

Her father, Gregory Kiner, is in the US Navy and works as an assistant chaplain. Both her parents work in religious services in the Navy.

Conkey believes that she's on a "spiritual journey" and had been experiencing "the rapture" since the beginning of the year. She regularly posts vlogs on her Facebook and YouTube pages, one in particular on April 15 talking about how she believed God had appointed her to deliver messages to her church and strongly believes that she is God's, "messenger, and an apostle, and a prophet, and according to the Bible, the apostle has more power than the teacher…I was sent there for a reason." She believes that God has set "traps" in the Bible for people, has punished humans with fevers, sunburns, and shorter lives, and that Jesus was actually Satan.

In the comments for one of her videos, Pastor Wisan was concerned about her "views" and invited her to speak with him. Wisan wrote:

“I love you a ton sister, but after seeing your posts, These are just not good doctrine. I have known many people over the past 15 years of pastoring who held similar ideas and it always ended bad, and the “friendly” voices were merely seducing spirits leading them down a path going to darkness and hurt. The Word of God is a safety net and zone if we stray from that, we can go anywhere, do anything and justify any voice or “revelation”. We all love you and that’s why we’re pushing so hard, this is a disception and God loves you so so much and wants to break it off you. It would be easy to say nothing, but we’re passionate to see you walking in Gods best for you. Looking forward to meeting up and talking, I appreciate you and being a courageous mom and your heart:)”

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