Halle Berry responds to LA Rams Jeff Goff's 'Halle Berry' Football Play

Halle Berry play gets attention of Halle Berry herself

Football players scream out audibles that are simply just 'out of context'

Payton Manning sometimes yells, "Omaha," while Aaron Rodgers will sometimes call, "New York Bozo" before a play. These audible calls are just, random and out of context to the layman. 

But yesterday during a Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams game, QB Jared Goff was picked up by the sound crew on the field saying, "Halle Berry" while on the 34-yard line. 

The play even got the attention of actress, Halle Berry herself! She replied on Twitter:

Hold up @Jaredgoff16 @RamsNFL - What is a "Halle Berry?"

Quarterback Jared Goff replied:

"It's my favorite play, ever"

OK, that doesn't really help us in knowing what the Halle Berry play actually is, but one can speculate the ball player may be doing some flirting per se. 

The Twitter world seemed to have a few thoughts about Goff's response: