Warmer Winter Causing Bears to Come Out of Hibernation Early


Bears are having their own "daylight savings" time by waking up from hibernation earlier due to the warmer than usual winter.

According to experts, Bears around Europe, Russia, at zoos in North America are coming out of hibernation a month earlier than usual, possibly due to the warmer winter we're having. They usually hibernate for about 5 months. There are bears in Siberia that haven't even gone into hibernation since it's only averaging around 50 degrees Fahrenheit there.

Why do animals hibernate?

Most animals hibernate (sleep) through the winter to survive the cold weather. Usually, during winters, it's harder to find food, so animals will load up on (fatty) foods and then conserve calories by simply sleeping it out, while their metabolism slows down until Spring arrives when there are warmer temperatures (above 50 degrees Fahrenheit).

Photo: A brown bear rests on a rock at its enclosure at the Zoological Park in the eastern French city of Amneville on October 12, 2017. (PATRICK HERTZOG/AFP via Getty Images)

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