Ventriloquist Doll Seen Blinking and Opening Glass Case at Night

A ventriloquist doll, named Mr Fritz, that was gifted to Michael Diamond, 48, was seen on a GoPro camera blinking, moving its mouth, and opening a glass case.

Diamond became suspicious after he noticed that the case of the doll kept opening on its own. He then got to the bottom of it by setting up a GoPro camera to record at night on September 19 and 20 and THIS was what he captured. Noted, there are NO windows or doors that were open in the room during the time of the recording.

The doll, which is currently covered in a blanket and chained up, was originally created by a WWII prisoner at Stalag II-B camp, a prisoner-of-war camp for Polish soldiers from the Pomorze Army, near Hammerstein, Germany.

Diamond is currently trying to find the doll a new home.

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