Vegan Couple Arrested for Starving 18-Month-Old Malnourished Son to Death

Sheila O’Leary, 35, and Ryan O'Leary, 30, from Cape Coral, Florida

Sheila O’Leary, 35, and Ryan O'Leary, 30, from Cape Coral, Florida, are being charged with aggravated manslaughter due to neglect and child neglect for starving their 18-month-old son to death

The toddler was having difficulty breathing before he eventually passed out in their home and was pronounced dead at the scene in September of 2019 according to the Cape Coral Police Department.

The child had a liver disorder and was dehydrated.

Their son, who was delivered at home and had never visited a doctor, was found weighing 17 lbs... about the same weight as most 7-month-old babies. The other 2 children in the O'Leary home were home-schooled and were fed a raw vegetable and fruit diet. They were also malnourished with dental decaying of the teeth. Sheila's other11-year-old daughter, from a different relationship, and who also lives part-time with her father, was in good condition.

When interviewed, Sheila said that the 18-month-old had been sick for at least 6 months and was fed breast milk. She simply thought that he was teething, which would cause the child to not have much of an appetite.

Both Sheila and Ryan are each held on a $250,000 bond at Lee County Jail and have arraignments in court on December 9.

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