Update On San Diego Election Results

You were bombarded with advertising for these measure over the past few months, so despite being tired of all things election, you're probably curious about the outcome. While ballots are still be counted, here's where these measures stand in terms of passing as of 12 noon on Wednesday.

These results are still subject to change as ballot processing continues.

California Ballot Measures

YES Prop 14: Bonds for Government Subsidized Stem Cell Research 

NO Prop 15: Statewide Property Tax Increase To Fund Public Schools, Community Colleges, and Government Services

NO Prop 16: Repealing The Ban On Affirmative Action

YES Prop 17: Parolees the Right to Vote 

NO Prop 18: 17-Year-Olds the Right to Vote  

YES Prop 19: Property Tax Increase - Legislative Constitutional Amendment

NO Prop 20: Restricts Parole for Certain (Non-Violent) Offenses

NO Prop 21: Expand Local Government Authority To Control Rent

YES Prop 22: Allow Uber/Lyft and other App-Based Transportation and Delivery Services to Operate in California

NO Prop 23: State Requirements for State Kidney Dialysis Clinics

YES Prop 24: Amends Consumer Privacy Laws

NO Prop 25: Referendum: Replace Cash Bail System for the “Honor System”

NOTE: Election results for the state of California will not be officially verified until December 11, 2020.

San Diego County Ballot Measures

YES Measure A: General Obligation Bonds for Affordable Housing in City of San Diego

YES Measure B: Charter Amendments Establishing Commission on Police Practices for City of San Diego                 

YES Measure C: Charter Amendment: District-Only Elections for School Board in San Diego Unified School District

YES Measure D: Charter Amendment: Procedures to Remove School Board Members for Cause and to Fill Vacancies

YES Measure E: Removing 30-Foot Height Limit in Midway-Pacific Highway Planning Area

YES Measure G: City Council Compensation

YES Measure H: Pro-Marijuana Initiative

YES Measure I: Tax Increase for Imperial Beach Emergency Response/Vital Services 

YES Measure J: Marijuana Tax Increase for Lemon Grove

YES Measure K: Term Limits for Oceanside elected officials

NO Measure L: North River Farms Project in Oceanside

YES Measure M: Marijuana Tax for Oceanside

YES Measure N: Voter Approval for Development

YES Measure P: Redevelopment of the Stoneridge County Club project

YES Measure Q: Term Limits in Santee

YES Measure R: Separate Term Limits for Santee Mayor and City Council

NO Measure S: Pro-Marijuana Initiative and Tax for Solana Beach

YES Measure T: Bond/Tax Increase for Cajon Valley School District

NO Measure U: Bond/Tax Increase for Dehesa School District

YES Measure V: Bond/Tax Increase for La Mesa/Spring Valley School District

YES Measure W: Bond/Tax Increase for Oceanside Unified School District

YES Measure X: Term Limits for South Bay Union School District school board members.

NO Measure Y: Tax Increase for Lakeside Fire Protection District

YES Measure Z: Tax Increase for Rincon Community Services District

YES Measure AA: Tax Increase for Valley Center Fire Protection District

Elected Officials

Mayor of the City of San Diego

  • Todd Gloria is currently in the lead with 56.29% of the votes to Barbara Bry's 43.71%

U.S. Congressional Districts (San Diego portion only)

49th - Mike Levin 58.45% | Brian Maryott 41.55%

50th - Darrell Issa 52.14% | Ammar Campa-Najjar 47.86%

51st - Juan Vargas 70.28% | Juan Hildago Jr. 36.72%

52nd - Scott Peters 63.28% | Jim Debello 36.72%

53rd - Sara Jacobs 59.49% | Georgette Gomez 49.51% (Jacobs is declared winner)

All San Diego vote totals can be monitored here.

Photo: Getty Images

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