University Offers Courses in Happiness, Will Count Toward Degree

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

A university in England is offering courses in happiness that will count toward degrees

In the past 3 years, Bristol University in England had 12 student (suicide) deaths. Now, the university is offering 12-week courses in "how to achieve happiness" taught by psychologist Professor Bruce Hood and will count toward degrees! They're not the first to provide courses on happiness. Yale University's Psychology division offers "Good Life" classes as well.

The course will cover topics from psychology, neuroscience, and will explore ways to achieve true happiness, how to live fulfilling lives. Lessons in how to savor enjoyment, gratitude, random acts of kindness, meditating will be added into the curriculum. Next year, the university will launch a full 20 credit point course.

I guess there is a science to happiness!

Photo: Unsplash

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