Unborn Baby Tests Positive for Meth, Home was Former Drug Lab

Elisha and Tyler Hessel's unborn baby tested positive for meth, turns out, their Missouri home was a former drug lab.

A blood test revealed that Elisha and her baby had amphetamines in their system. After some clues from their neighbors, the Hessels started investigating and learned that the 4-bedroom home that they were living in was busted in 2013 for being a crystal meth lab. Turns out, there were STILL unsafe levels (above 0.5 micrograms) of drugs in their contaminated home - the methamphetamine that was vaporized was STILL in the ventilation, walls, and floors.

The effects of being exposed to the meth in the home are coughs, headaches, colds, skin rashes, eye irritations, and more.

Both Elisha and Tyler have left the home (along with their belongings) and are currently staying with her mother. The estimated cost to redo the drywall, new ventilation system, and clean up their home is around $100,000.

Source: WFAA

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