British People Guess Cost of United States Healthcare

UK media host Joe interviewed the British public to see if they could guess the cost of healthcare in the United States.

I'm not sure how many Britians (off-camera) got the answers right, but most of them were shocked, to say the least.

An ambulance ride in the United States can cost around $164 USD per mile. In the UK, it's free. Inhalers? Those can run $250-$350 EACH in the United States without insurance. One woman replied, "so if you're poor, you're dead!"

It's not surprising to see one reason why so many Americans have decided not to have children. In the United States, giving birth in a hospital can cost $10,000 - $30,000 before insurance.

When asked for their thoughts about the "for-profit" healthcare in the United States, one UK woman replied, "You're bastards... I think they should be stopped,"

In 1948, Britain's National Health Service (NHS), the world's largest single payer healthcare system, was created and helps to provide free medical services to its citizens.

People around the world went on Reddit to discuss the topic and voice how shocked they were about healthcare costs in the United States.

This would actually make an interesting game show in some countries. (sad)

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