Geena Fan Girled Over This One "Celebrity" + Crazy Girl Confessions!

Geena Fan Girled Over This One "Celebrity" + Crazy Girl Confessions

Geena just had a fan girl moment and freaked out over this one "celeb"!! She has literally been waiting for this moment for MONTHS! But did she take advantage of her opportunity?! The show is a little disappointed on how she handled the situation...

Anonymous found out that her fiance was cheating on her with her BEST FRIEND! So she took matters into her own hands... find out what happened in this morning's Crazy Girl Confessions!!

Plus! Make Happiness Happen! Listener Steph called in to Make Happiness Happen for her Mom Teresa! Steph refers to her mom as her "angel" on Earth. It's a miracle that Teresa is alive, she's suffered blood clots in her brain and numerous brain aneurysms that she's had to have multiple surgeries for. Because of her health history, Teresa has taken it upon herself to turn her life around. She's taken control of her mental and physical health and has made fitness a huge priority. She's been exercising daily by walking local parks and lakes around the city but wants to incorporate biking into her routine and Steph wants to surprise her mom with a new bike to show her support for her fitness journey!


  • Governor Newsom shut down more indoor activities across California yesterday. He is now requiring every county in California to close indoor operations. This means, restaurants, bars, wineries, movie theaters, family entertainment, zoos, museums, and cardrooms. San Diego as well as 29 other counties are also directed to close indoor operations at fitness centers, worship services, offices for non-critical sections, personal care services, hair salons and barber shops and malls. Click HERE for more info
  • Yesterday, San Diego Unified School district announced that San Diego city schools will NOT hold in person classes this upcoming school year. Click HERE for all the info.
  • There is now an air quality warning due to the fire that happened on the USS Bonhomme Richard. Click HERE for the full story.

Tory Lanez just got arrested on a gun charge with an injured Megan Thee Stallion in the car when just hours before the two were on IG live with Kylie Jenner.... what is going on?!! Click the link for the full story: Tory Lanez Arrested On Gun Charge With Injured Megan Thee Stallion In Car

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