TikTok Challenge Has Users Placing Bleach Bags Near Their Eyes

Chances are, you've seen some of TikTok's ads when watching videos on YouTube and it's no doubt a very popular smartphone app with an audience of about 500 million users, mostly teenagers. The app allows users to post 60-second videos of themselves doing almost anything.

A majority of TikTok challenges involves lip syncing to various songs and movies - pretty harmless. However, one of those challenges, the #BrightEye challenge, involves placing jelly, bleach, shaving cream, and hand sanitizer into a Ziploc bag and then holding that bag on your eye for a minute. If that bag breaks for any reason, the participant could potentially cause damage to their eye and risk losing their vision. A user by the name of Juliagoolia69 posted a fake video doing the challenge and showing that it had successfully changed her eye color. (It was faked, obviously)

TikTok has been banned in India after a 19-year-old killed his friend while filming a video using the app.



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