Things That Matter With Geena The Latina June 17th

Yesterday, Public, charter and private schools in San Diego County were given the go-ahead to hold in-person classes. New rules at schools include mandatory face coverings at all times, daily temperature checks, increased hand washing and sanitizing, enhanced cleaning and disinfecting in the classrooms and setting up classrooms to allow for physical distance between students. By the way, families will have options. Parents who are on the fence about sending their children back to school will be able to enroll their kids in a distance learning program.

However, officials for the San Diego Unified School District say they need more funds before schools can realistically reopen this fall. 

The San Diego Unified School District joined five large districts across the state yesterday to oppose the proposed education budget cuts saying, “The federal government simply cannot leave an entire generation of school students to fend for themselves in the face of this growing tragedy.” 

Target announced yesterday that they are making Juneteenth a company holiday. June 19th commemorates the end of slavery in the US. On June 19th, 1865 the union soldiers landed in Texas with news that the Civil war had ended. Target stores and distribution centers will remain open, however hourly employees who work on June 19th will be paid time and a half. All eligible team members will also have the option to take the day off, with full pay. And headquarter offices will remain closed in observance, Target is also donating $10 million to advance social justice and support rebuilding and recovery efforts in local communities.

People all over the country are upset that 7-Eleven has cancelled Free Slurpee Day! The celebration of 7-Eleven's birthday on July 11th and every year on that day they give away free Slurpee’s. Well it has been cancelled this year due to the pandemic. However, instead if you download the 7Rewards app, you can sign up to get a free medium Slurpee. The offer is good any day in the month of July. 

If you’ve suffered insomnia in the past few weeks you’re not alone.According to a new study, the stress from the lockdown and demonstrations has thrown sleep patterns into chaos.And even if you have gotten a good night’s rest, you probably have been having weird dreams.Again, blame pandemic stress. Anxiety produces neurochemicals in the brain that trigger nightmares and vivid dreams.46 percent of people say they now suffer from poor sleep patterns, that’s twice the number than before the pandemic and sleeping pill prescriptions have spiked.Also people feel like they’ve aged significantly since the start of the year.The restrictions have brought anxiety. There’s a physical toll. It’s as if we’ve aged years in a matter of weeks. One person described Zoom like “watching people in prison. I am sick of Zoom exercise classes and tired of Zoom cocktail parties.” And they say the result is more gray hairs.A doctor says,“Make your bedroom a device-free zone. Turn off phones and tablets at least an hour before going to bed.”

NATHAN'S: Hot Dog Eating Contest Set for Fourth

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest will still happen -- but with some changes.

TMZ says the event will take place at a "private location without fans" and that the competitors have been reduced by a third "to ensure social distancing."

All staffers will wear masks and gloves, and all eaters will be tested for COVID-19 before the event.

Also Major League Eating, the organization behind the contest, and the eaters will donate to local food banks and will honor essential workers in New York City.

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