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San Diego County health officials reported 264 new COVID-19 cases yesterday and 7 more deaths raising the county’s totals to 17,842 cases and 406 deaths. There were five new community outbreaks reported yesterday— in a bar, gym, daycare center, grocery store and health care facility. The number of community outbreaks over the last week is now at 24. A community outbreak is defined as three or more COVID-19 cases in a setting from different households.

The Padres just announced their new schedule and now two players have tested positive for Covid-19.Infielder Jorge Mateo has become the second San Diego Padres player to test positive however he “has not been to the ballpark, on the field, locker room, anything like that” and has “been self-isolating.” On Friday, the Padres announced that outfielder Tommy Pham had tested positive for.Both players need to test negative on two separate tests in order to come back.

A Deadly rabbit virus has been detected in San Diego County. Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHDV2) is not related to the coronavirus and it does not affect humans or domestic animals other than rabbits. The rabbit virus first showed up in Mexico, then in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Texas before here in Poway. Infected rabbits and jackrabbits may exhibit no symptoms leading up to their sudden death, or may suffer from fever, swelling, and internal bleeding. All rabbit, jackrabbit, hare and pika species are likely susceptible.”

Officials have issued the following guidelines for those who own domestic rabbits or who come into contact with wild hares:

House rabbits should remain inside at all times to minimize potential contact;

Any sick or dead rabbits should be reported to state wildlife officials and should NOT be touched;

Any unusual illness or sudden rabbit deaths should be reported to your vet immediately;

The virus is highly contagious, therefore good hygiene practices are necessary — i.e. wash hands thoroughly before and after handling rabbits, thorough disinfection, leave shoes outside, insect control, etc.

Know your hay/feed sources and if they are near areas affected by the outbreak;

Keep dogs on a leash when outside so they don’t interact with wild rabbits; consider having dogs wear booties when outside, or wash their paws before they come inside.

Keep dogs and rabbits in separate areas of your home.

A vaccine has been developed and is available on order. Domestic rabbit owners are encouraged to contact their veterinarian for more information.

San Diego Pride announces lineup of virtual events

This year's Pride celebration is going virtual for San Diegans to enjoy from home amid the pandemic.

Pride's events will stream online between July 6 and July 18, including the Spirit of Stone Wall Rally, Light Up Cathedral, speakers, and entertainment. The live programming is being made available for free.

Here's a list of scheduled events and links:

Light Up Cathedral (July 15 at 7 p.m. - 8 p.m.): Interfaith leaders, elected officials, and San Diego’s LGBTQ community will honor the LGBTQ interfaith community, present the 2020 Light of Pride Award, and celebrate virtually with the annual rainbow lighting of St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral. 

Spirit of Stone Wall Rally (July 17 at 6 p.m. - 7 p.m.): Pride's Spirit of Stone Wall Rally will honor community leaders during the annual presentation of the Spirit of Stonewall Awards, recognizing individuals who contribute significantly to the LGBTQ community through their leadership, activism, and fundraising efforts. | Link

Pride Live (July 18 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.): The annual Pride festival and parade may not happen in-person, but virtually, organizers are holding a full day of showcasing community organizations, volunteers, leaders, and entertainment. | Link

76% of people Have Really Packed on Some extra Pounds During the Quarantine with some people gaining up to 16 pounds. But 63% of people say they're trying to go the other direction now and start dropping some of the weight. One of the things making it easier to gain weight right now is that fact that we don't have to wear real pants. About half of people say they've basically only worn sweatpants or yoga pants during the quarantine . . . and 28% can't remember the last time they put on real pants.

(Hit up Phone Screener Jess if you need an accountability partner! IG: @jessduitt)

SCRABBLE: Tournaments Ban Ethnic Slurs

Scrabble is about to change the game rules. Of the nearly 200,000 recognized words, more than 200 ethnic slurs will be banned.

This week, Scrabble maker Hasbro said that the North American Scrabble Players Association (NASPA) “agreed to remove all slurs from their word list for tournament play.”

The 12-person board will soon vote and are expected to purge those ugly words.

The Association continued to allow racial and ethnic words -- even though in 1994 the official Scrabble dictionary eliminated those 226 words. The NASPA chief executive said the time was ripe and “it is the right thing to do.” 

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