Things That Matter With Geena The Latina July 7th

Yesterday, San Diego County Officials ordered many businesses to close down all indoor operations for at least the next three weeks. This includes, restaurants, wineries, tasting rooms, movie theaters, zoos, family entertainment centers, museums and cardrooms. Outdoor dining will still be permitted for restaurants, as will delivery and takeout. Breweries and pubs are allowed to remain open for curbside service, only however, wineries and distilleries can have outdoor service. The restrictions, went into effect at 12:01 a.m. this morning. Meanwhile, Mayor Kevin Faulconer said the city is finalizing a new ordinance that will cut fees and streamline permits to make it easier for businesses to operate outdoors.

The Padres announced their shortened 2020 schedule yesterday. They will now play 60 games kicking off with an exhibition game on July 20th against the Angels at Petco Park. The official season kicks off on July 24th at Petco Park against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

They just came out with a list of the top trending words of 2020.

And the top trending word is covid! "Covid-19" is #2 on the list. 

1. Covid.

2. Covid-19.

3. Coronavirus.

4. Corona.

5. Face mask.

6. Progress.

7. Truth.

8. Social distancing.

9. Trade war.

10. Sustainability.

11. Flatten the curve.

12. Lockdown.

13. Identity politics.

14. Progressives.

15. Zoom meeting.

16. Quarantine.

17. Migrants.

18. Donald Trump.

19. Symptoms.

20. Outbreak. 

Today, July 7th has been designated as Blackout Day which is a “day of solidarity in America.”It encourages shoppers to buy only from black owned businesses today. The initiative comes in the wake of protests against police brutality and renewed attention to the nation's decades-long racial wealth gap. 

#BLACKOUTDAY2020: The hashtag urges consumers not to spend any money on Tuesday in solidarity with Black people.

46% of People Now Roll Out of Bed Less Than 10 Minutes Before Starting to Work Remotely

If you've been working remotely during this pandemic, what have you done with the time you used to use to commute? It seems like the answer just might be . . . sleeping until the last possible second.

According to a new survey, 46% of people who are working remotely say they wake up less than 10 MINUTES before their work day starts.

The survey also found most have tried working from bed . . . but seven out of 10 say they have a hard time focusing when they do that. 

Gardening Is Booming During The Pandemic

Gardening has become a big activity in the quarantine.

Seed company Burpee, has sole more seed packets this Spring than anytime in its 144 year history.

Now that we are in July, many people think they can not plant anymore and depending where you live in the country, you can continue to plant in July.

Here are a few things you can still plant: brussel sprouts, beets, broccoli, corn, cucumbers, okra, onions.

Did you pick up gardening? What was your gardening accomplishment? What other skill did you pick up in the quarantine?

Men’s Makeup Goes Mainstream in the US

Devir Kahan woke up on his wedding day with a pimple and couldn't find a quick fix.

That is how Stryx was born, a cosmetic line for men.

He said, it's not about a full face of makeup or color. We're talking about improving blemishes, fixing under eye bags.

About one third of US men under 45 said they would consider trying makeup.

The line can now be found in CVS drugstores.

Men's grooming and skin care is a $9.3 billion market.

Men, how do you feel about this?

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