We Send Off Phone Screener Jess! + Frankie's Phone Scam

Our girl is leaving the nest! Phone Screener Jess is off to her next adventure and we couldn't be more proud!

Frankie's alter ego 'Francis' is back at it again! Find out what kind of prank he got himself into in this morning's Frankie's Phone Scam!

Plus! We find the biggest Padres fan in SD! Two of our listeners go head to head for their very own Padres Fan Cut Out!

  • San Diego County could come off the state’s monitoring list very soon. For the second straight day, we had fewer than 100 cases of the virus. We need to get to three days straight to be off the state monitoring list and another 14 days for schools to reopen. Click HERE for more info
  • An excessive heat warning goes into effect today at noon today and ends Monday at 9pm. Click HERE for details
  • Click HERE for Cool Zones due to heat wave
  • SDSU officially took over ownership of the Mission Valley Stadium site! Click HERE for the story
2020 NBA Restart - All Access Practice

NBA will let players have intimate relations in the "Bubble".... but tinder randoms aren't allowed!

NBA players have been quarantined in a big bubble for about a month now and no one has been allowed to visit, until now. Starting at the end of the month, players will be allowed to invite guests into the "bubble," but they have to be family members or people the players have long-term relationships with. They can't be random hook-ups from dating apps or social media! Click HERE for the full story!

LA Premiere Of HBO's "Euphoria" - Arrivals

Drake drops official music video for "Laugh Now Cry Later" ft. Lil Durk!

Click the link for more details: Drake Stinks At Sports In New 'Laugh Now Cry Later' Video Feat. Lil Durk

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