Things That Could Be Obsolete in 10 Years

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images


Things become obsolete when something else comes along that has more benefits. The need for social media will never go away. Humans are social beings. We need connections in life. 

Facebook has come a long way from Mark Zuckerberg's dorm room. Remember when Facebook took out Myspace? Well, if Facebook focuses on evolving to service the needs of the public, they'll be around for a while. 

Luckily, Facebook is still growing, at over a billion users and counting worldwide.  But, there's data that teens have left the platform, mainly to avoid parents, for other services, such as Instagram (also owned by Facebook) to communicate with their peers. When the new generation has moved on, your future customer base is in jeopardy. 

Writing Checks

With the worldwide use of debit/credit cards, online bill pay, why on earth would anyone use a check to pay for things? Anyone using checks in today's world runs the risk of getting scammed. Most checks display the account holder's personal information and banking info. There's a pretty good chance that future generations will only stick to electronic banking from here on out. 

Factory Assembly Lines

More and more assembly lines are getting replaced with automation. Have you ever seen a video of a car manufacturing plant? There's a good chance that things will only become more automated in 10 years. 

Bank Tellers

Need cash for the weekend? Do you wait in line at a bank? Or do you visit an ATM or get cash back when making purchases? Chances are, it's the latter unless you're making a huge cash deposit of some sort. Even loans can be processed online now. Since the world is slowly moving to a cashless society, are we really going to need bank tellers in 10 years? 

Fast Food Jobs

Did you know that there are vending machines that can make pizza on the spot? In 10 years, there's a good chance that robots will be making your burgers as well. There are temperature gauges that can sense if the patty is medium rare or well done. Even if a machine costs $300,000, it'll pay for itself in no time. No need to worry about disgruntled employees spitting in your food when they're upset or require health insurance. Robots have no feelings and can work 24/7! 

Non LED Lights

If you've ever had to shop for a light bulb recently, you'll notice that everything is pretty much LED. They're bright, last a long time, don't get as hot, and barely uses any wattage. 

Paying with Cash

If we got rid of cash and relied solely on digital payments, we wouldn't have to file taxes each year, bank robberies would be a thing of the past, and wallets would be much thinner. Some counties, such as China, has pretty much converted 100% into a cashless society, using mobile apps to make transactions.

Making new friends randomly in public situations.

In a world where everyone is staring at their phones, how many missed connections have happened because you didn't notice your future spouse standing next to you in line? Nowadays, a simple swipe lets a stranger know that we're interested without even knowing their personality. 


It's bad enough that most of us don't really use our phones for talking anymore. We're texting and sending memes to each other instead. If an unknown caller calls you, there's a good chance it's not someone you know because if they did know you, they would've texted you if they wanted to reach out! 

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images