The latest products for parents and kids from CES 2019

Smart Diaper, CES 2019

Yep. The Smart Diaper and the baby tech craze is here.

CES, A.K.A. the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is here and while there are many amazing products that were featured... let's focus on the stuff that helps to make parenting a little bit easier. For the parents that get too grossed out with dirty diapers, there's now a Bluetooth sensor that,  you've guessed it... attaches to the outside of your baby's dirty diaper and lets you know when it's time for a changing. Yep, no more poking your finger through the diaper or opening the diaper in order to check.  It's 2019... let the machines do the checking. 

Check out the Codi Bot, a toy that inspires your child to do chores around the house, and some of the other products, that might be of interest to you, the parent, below.