Student Stabs Bully During Fight, Gets 25 Years in Prison

Abel Cedeno, 19, from Bronx, New York was found guilty for stabbing Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation classmates Matthew McCree, 15, to death and injuring Ariane LeBoy, 16.

The stabbing happened in September 2017. Cedeno claimed that he was bullied for years, since middle school, for being gay and brought a knife to school to defend himself. When Cedeno took the witness stand, he claimed that he was punched multiple times in the face on the day of the fight.

Chief Medical Examiner, Dr John Hayes said that McCree's chest wound as 'gaping and complex,' and that McCree's lungs collapsed after the blade penetrated his chest and heart.

17-year-old Tyler Lilavois, testified on the stand that Cedeno was the aggressor and had challenged McCree to a fight after a paper ball was thrown at him. He also stated that McCree admitted to throwing the paper ball and apologized to Cedeno before he and Cedeno fought.

Abel Cedeno, was found guilty and now faces 5-25 years in prison. His sentencing begins on September 10, 2019.

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