Student Put Laxatives in School Lemonade as Prank

student spiked school lemonade with laxatives prank

There are videos being spread online today showing an entire school affected by a cruel prank

The video shows many students having diarrhea and vomiting around the school in the hallways, bathroom, cafeteria, etc. But, is it real? 

It's extremely hard to watch. Some have even laughed in the comments of the video but later explained that they simply couldn't help it. 

Turns out, the video is staged and not real. 

It's a clip from a Netflix show that's filmed like a documentary (mockumentary) called, American Vandal. It's a satire that likes to poke fun at shows like Making a Murderer and such. This particular clip was from an episode titled, The Turd Burglar and features... you guessed it... a student who spiked the school lemonade with over the counter laxatives. 

Now hopefully, some student doesn't get inspired to try this in real life.