Single Dad Adopts Teenager Abandoned at Hospital

Peter Mutabazi knew that he had to adopt Tony, 11, after he was abandoned at a hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina by his adoptive parents

Tony, who was originally placed for adoption at 2 years old, was abandoned at the hospital by his adoptive parents and was later fostered by Peter Mutabazi.

Peter, who works with the nonprofit organization World Vision, had agreed to foster Tony just for the weekend on January 16, 2018.

Mutabazi, who originally grew up in Uganda and ran away from an abusive home when he was just 10, was adopted by an American family who provided the care he needed to thrive. He immediately became attached to Tony after learning about his life story and did what he had to do and formally adopted him.

The two often ride bikes together, play board games, watch movies, and read books together.

Thumbnail photo: Unsplash

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