Security Guard Famous for Farting On The Job Got Fired

Paul Flart - The Farting Security Guard

Paul Flart, the security guard famous for posting videos while farting on the job has been let go by his place of employment

According to the video, the man asserts that he is being fired for filming while on the job, and wearing their uniform, with their logo, on private property. 

Security guard Paul Flart doesn't seem to be too bothered by the write-up and continues to film himself while getting fired. Flart was basically like, "Oh you're firing me? Well then, I don't have to listen to you."

Paul Flart: I'm fired, right?

Man: Yes.

Paul Flart: So I don't have to do what you say anymore, right?

Man: Well, I demand you stop recording.

Paul Flart: That's a negative, there