'Say Their Names' Memorial Open In San Diego July 10 - 25

The 'Say Their Names' memorial was unveiled on Saturday by the San Diego African American Museum of Fine Art. The exhibit features the names and photographs of 200 black individuals who have died across the nation because of racial injustice. The exhibit, located at M.L. King Promenade - 200 West Island Avenue, is open to the public daily, through July 25, and is free of charge.

Gaidi Finnie, executive director of SDAAMFA, called the opening “a teachable moment for all of us. We invite you to come, reflect and think about what you can do to make a difference.”

From the San Diego African American Museum of Fine Art's website: ​The "Say Their Names" Memorial Exhibit is a memorial honoring individuals who have died at the hands of those perpetuating injustice and systemic racism. This grassroots exhibit had it's start in Portland Oregon and is an outgrowth of the protest that took place nationwide in 2020. The informal outcry is now an organization called the "Say Their Names Memorial" It is the goal of the organization to make sure that never forget the victims and that we are able to place a name with a face. In San Diego, our exhibit will also recognize local Civil Rights advocates who have worked to level the playing field.

About the Memorial:

​The “Say Their Name Memorial” is a nationwide initiative to honor Black lives taken by systemic racism and racial injustice. The memorial was started in Portland, Oregon on Juneteenth 2020 and has been put up in over 25 locations nationwide since then. We manage an ongoing submission driven database that includes names, photos and bios. We produce traveling memorials for public exhibition as well as providing support for communities looking to create grassroots memorials in their own neighborhoods. Our aim is to facilitate conversation around systemic racism while honoring those whose lives have been taken by it.

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