San Diego Cost Of Living

Almost half of San Diegans are living in poverty

According to a recent study, 45% of San Diegans are unable to afford a $400 expense. Many are skipping meals and doctor visits in order to make ends meet in San Diego.

The Public Religion Research Institute published a report that highlights the struggles of making it in San Diego. 

Over 3,300 people across the state of California were polled for the study. When completed it showed that more than 45% of San Diegans are working full time and are barely making it in the city.

They measured "poverty" by a person's ability to pay for an unexpected emergency, specifically, an unexpected $400 expense like bills or a medical emergency. The high cost of housing and gas are really keeping many San Diegans from achieving the American Dream. About 4 in 10 people are skipping meals or avoiding doctor visits to make ends meet. This also means that many are delaying retirement and are thinking about leaving the State of California in order to find better opportunities. 

In comparison, the Bay Area had 27%, San Joaquin Valley at 68%, and Los Angeles at 49%. 

Read the full report at the PRRI website.

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