San Diego Braces for Santa Ana Winds and Increased Wildfire Risk

Despite an overcast, drizzly, and cooler weekend, dry conditions and heavy winds return to San Diego County on Monday. With Santa Ana winds sweeping through the county today, the National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory in effect until 5:00pm.

The county's current weather conditions are ideal for wildfires. Winds out of the northwest are expected to be 25-35 mph and sustained gusts could reach 55 mph. In addition, humidity is expected to drop to 5-10%.

In response to the heavy winds and elevated fire risk, over 21,000 residents in San Diego's North County were notified that their power may be turned off by SDG&E Monday and Tuesday to mitigate fire risk during their dangerous and unpredictable weather conditions. A map of affected areas can be viewed at

The dry, windy conditions are expected to continue through Tuesday evening, and temperatures during the remainder of the week will be slightly warmer than average.