Rare Snow Storm In San Diego Mountains: Beautiful Scenery & Big Rig Backups

It's rare that San Diego gets snow fall, and it's even more unusual for snow to shut down highways, but that exactly what happened on Wednesday.

California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that semi trucks were getting stuck on an uphill stretch of Interstate 8 by Buckman Spring Road where ice and snow had built up. The backup began around 5am and by 7am as many as ten trucks were stuck. Although snow plows were brought in to clear the area and trucks were intermittently able to pass, the build up repeated throughout the morning causing a series of big rig back ups.

The winter storm that blew into San Diego on Tuesday, February 22 covered the county's mountain region in snow overnight bringing the snow level down to 2,200 feet and temperatures 25 degrees below normal, according to the National Weather Service. A storm warning will remain in effect until 6pm on Wednesday as the rest of the county experiences high winds and plenty of rain.

The CHP has a checkpoint set up on Sunrise Highway near Highway 80 and they are requiring all vehicles entering the area to have snow chains (including 4x4 and all-wheel drive vehicles). See tips from CalTrans about how to install chains on tires.

Visitors to San Diego's mountain communities are reminded to be respectful of conditions and to residents of these communities.

Semi trucks stuck on Interstate 8 after snow storm in San Diego. Photo: CHP

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