Racism Is Real In San Diego + Crazy Girl Confessions

A viral video was taken in downtown San Diego earlier this week of a man being harassed in front of the Pinnacle Building in East Village. Rodney is a security for the Pinnacle Building and the surrounding area. A woman had been escorted out of one of the units in the building because she was too intoxicated. Rodney offered to call her a taxi cab to ensure that she got home safely. She then proceeded to harass him as seen in the video below.

No one deserves to be treated this way, or called such horrible and offensive things. The amount of restraint, patience and kindness that he exuded, despite the hate and racism he received from this woman, is remarkable. Rodney's willpower and control over his emotions speaks volumes. He credits that to his mother and grandmother.

THIS is why people are marching and protesting. It doesn't matter where you are, racism DOES exist. It's up to us to come together and make the changes that need to be made.

Rodney called in this mornings and shared his side of the story...

Crazy Girl Confession got real wild today!! All we know is that this listener had to call the fire department on herself to prevent what she COULD have caused!

Plus! OPP! Other People's Problems! A listener called in and needs some advice! Her ex boyfriend applied for a job where she currently works. As if that wouldn't be awkward enough, he also cheated on her! Her boss has no idea and he's about to hire him! What should she do? We turn to San Diego for some advice!

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