Producer Chris' Side Hustle Is Blowing Up?! + Are You Smarter Than

Producer Chris' side hustle is blowing up!! If you don't remember, Producer Chris created the character "socky" to help his fiance Rachel do something fun while she taught her zoom classes. She got thank you letters from her students since their school year just ended, and apparently he's got some fans now! Could this be a new career for Producer Chris?!

Are You Smarter Than for your Wednesday! Listener Shayna from Lakeside takes on Geena The Latina and attempts to Name That Tune with Frankie V.!

We play a round of Family Feud this morning, and this might be our best round yet!

Plus! The Big Ed Saga continues! We've been trying to get Big Ed from 90 Day Fiance on the show but he hasn't been responding, and now we're taking it personal....

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