Pregnant Woman Will Raise Child With Her 4 Partners

Tory Ojeda, 20, from Jacksonville, Florida, is currently pregnant, in a relationship with 4 partners, and currently lives with 3 of them. She's in an open, poly amorous relationship.

The 5 of them went on a vacation together when she got pregnant. After some thinking, the group decided that they would ALL chip in to help raise the baby together as a family.

Tory met Marc, 18 when they were in school and about 2 months later, started a relationship with Travis, 23. Their long term mutual friends, Ethan, 22, and Christopher, 22 also decided to join in on the relationship.

In May 2019, Tory found out that she was pregnant with Christopher and that they were having a baby girl in February 2020. Then in July 2019, Tory got engaged with Travis.

Tory is open to having other partners in their relationship, preferably female, and admits that it can be challenging to divide her time between 4 people to make sure they are all happy. Each of the guys has designated nights of the week where they get to sleep in bed with Tory. If anyone ever feels jealous in their relationship, the group will usually just talk it out.

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