Popeyes Has a BYOB Solution for their Sold Out Chicken Sandwiches

How does a chicken restaurant run out of chicken sandwiches? What are the chances of that even happening?

Well, IT HAPPENED. Popeye's stated that the chicken sandwiches won't be replenished until sometime at the end of September.

Good news (kinda), the company has a workaround ...BYOB.

That's right. Bring Your Own Bun! I've always thought it was kinda rude to bring any outside food and eat it in someone's restaurant... but hey, it was their idea!

Popeye's said that they can make it work if you simply order some tenders. So, that means you can bring your own brioche, hamburger, hot dog, loaf, whatever bun you've got.

Of course, Popeye's fans had a few thoughts on the whole idea. I mean, why wouldn't they? This whole drama with the sandwiches being sold out has prompted a lawsuit, guns being drawn at the workers, and even fights, LOTS of fights. Fans want their chicken sandwiches!

Photo: Popeye's

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