Parkour Runner Misses Jump, Grabs Electrical Line

Sergey Shorokhov, a parkour and freerunning specialist, almost fell to his death on Friday, July 26, 2019, after miscalculating a jump off a 25-floor building ledge. Lucky for him there were some electrical wires in the way.

He was shocked, literally, by the cables... but it was a small price to pay to save his life. His friend, Zlat (@goldenzadrot), who was nearby managed to help him back on the rooftop. Shorokhov suffered a burn to his stomach and fingers.

Upon sharing the video of the close to death encounter, Sergey prefaces:

'Before you write me angry comments remember that I'm professional. I've been doing parkour/free run for 13 years.'

'These wires were old and as it turned out only partially insulated.'

'Most of the insulation was corroded by time and weather conditions.

'Perhaps if it were wires absolutely without insulation the electrical current would have thrown me down.

'The voltage in the wires was 220V I think, but my friend Zlat had time to save me as it was difficult for me to get out on my own because of the electric current.

'The electrical wires left a couple of scars on my body for life. It was the craziest ten seconds of my life.'

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