Parents Hire Gamers to Help Their Kids Play Fortnite

Parents Hire Gamers to Help Their Kids Play Fortnite

Some parents have hired gamers to help coach their children to become better at playing Fornite

The cost? About $50 an hour. Forget piano lessons or sports! 

Some parents see this as a way to help their children get scholarships down the line when they're ready to go to college. Yes, you read that right. There are colleges out there that offer (financial) incentives to students to join their tournament teams. (Heard of eSports?)

Maybe these parents believe that there's a better chance for their children to grow up and one day win a game tournament (and makes LOTS of money) than to ever make it into a professional sports team or make it in the music industry. 

What is Fortnite? 

It's a game where 100 gamers at a time participate in a battle royale; fighting until the last person is standing. There are over 125 million players around the world in the Fortnite system. Developers are planning a tournament for the game in 2019.