Most Underrated Things About Being in a Relationship

A couple hug at the police corden at the north end of London Bridge in London on June 4, 2017, after leaving a bunch of flowers in tribute to the victims of the June 3 terror attack. Seven people were killed in a terror attack on Saturday by three assailants on London Bridge and in the bustling Borough Market nightlife district, the chief of London's police force said on Sunday. Photo credit: DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images

Photo credit: DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images

Being in a relationship has its ups and downs. Most of the time, it's more beneficial to be in one than not. 

Psychologists agree, being in a healthy and happy relationship can help you become a happier person in general. Having a close connection with another human being on this planet gives you more reasons to smile and laugh. When going through a tough time, like the loss of a friend or family member, there's nothing like having someone who loves you that you can talk to. 

Here are some underrated things about being in a relationship with someone

Someone who can nudge to help you become a better version of yourself

Most famous people in history had a partner who nudged them to become the person that they are. It takes a really strong and supportive person to really be able to try harder and keep your head up when things become challenging. Parents do something similar with their children when they want them to achieve goals. 

It's called the "Michelangelo phenomenon." Named after the Italian Renaissance painter, architect, poet, and all around awesome human being, Michelangelo (1475-1564).  It's when other people around you help to sculpt your life by influencing you in the right ways to become an ideal version of themselves. This phenomenon is common with couples who are high on the "marital satisfaction" scale. 

Warning, it's also possible for the people around you to bring out the worst in you as well. That's the "Blueberry phenomenon."  So be careful who you surround yourself with in life.

Having someone to help with tasks around the house, errands, life

This is a big one. Why? What's better than having your best friend in life with you to help with those boring chores or errands? Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, you name it, you've got a partner to help with that now. Gotta take the kids to baseball practice or school? A quick game of "paper-rock-scissors" with your partner and one of you is off to get the job done! You're just more productive when there are two people helping with a task. 

Got some friends coming over to hang out? One person can run out to get food while the other stays back to tidy up the house. 


Need someone to look at that weird pimple on your back, or shave an area that you can't reach? Call your significant other! 

Increasing your number of friends

Your social circle becomes bigger once you include your partner's circle. This can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. For one, you'll have a lot more birthdays, weddings, and events to go to. But look on the bright side, now your single friends have a bigger pool and network of people that they can use to find a partner!  Win/win.

Someone to watch your stuff while you're in the bathroom, etc.

This happens when nature is calling while you're at the mall, store, or airport. You wouldn't wanna leave your luggage around, would you? 

Having a partner for an uncomfortable event

Sometimes, there's a work party, birthday, or team event that you've got to be at where you don't really know anyone. It can be awkward. Luckily, having a partner who can go with you will alleviate your anxiety and stress! Having less stress can help with your general health and immune system. Having strong social ties in life can help you live longer than a person who lives in solitude. Holt-Lunstad, released a study pointing out that “A lack of social relationships was equivalent to smoking up to 15 cigarettes a day.”

Having someone to lean on

Need to take a nap on a plane? Simply lean on your partner next to you and rest your head. Or how about when you're carrying a bunch of stuff from your car? You've got an extra hand now.

Someone who understands you

Who better than your partner when you're standing around with friends and talking about a topic or joke that no one around you seems to get? That's when your partner starts clapping and laughing because he/she gets your joke. 

No more awkward moments

With strangers, it's kinda awkward to stand around them without saying a word (except in elevators). Usually, you have to acknowledge them by saying something like, "hi" or "hey." With your partner, there's nothing weird about sitting around and not saying anything to each other. There's no "uncomfortable silence."

Knowing that someone loves you no matter how you look or feel that day

There's some security in knowing that someone in this world (besides your parents) finds you attractive and loves your personality. If one partner is insecure about their belly size and the other partner tells you that he/she loves it, it's a great confidence booster. It's not just physical, but mental too. 

Never feeling lonely again

It's really nice to be able to look at your phone and have messages from someone who wants to keep in contact when you. It's even nicer when you finally get to see him/her after a long day, someone who will listen to how your day went, and that someone has your back at all times when things get crazy in life.

Someone to laugh with

Movies are better when there are more than one person laughing at the same joke.

Eating together

If you love to cook, there's no comparison to being able to share that meal with someone in your life. If the food is too salty, or sweet, your partner will sometimes be the first person to tell you so that you don't overdo it on the next dish.

Second opinions

There are times when you want to dive in and try something new.  It's really awesome when you have someone there who can give you a second opinion before you buy that ugly shirt you've been eyeing. Now you can try new things and have a safe place to fall if it doesn't work out too well. 

Someone to hug you when you're having a bad day

Sometimes, you don't really even need a reason to hug. But for those days when you've had a rough day at work or school, having someone there to listen, rub your back, or hug you can really help after a 9 hour day.