Most Men Don't Know What Tampon Labels Actually Mean

Men on Twitter were mocked for not knowing what the different 'R', 'L' or 'S' labels on tampons actually mean.

One man saw an "R" on the tampon wrapper and thought it was for the right side of the vagina, some thought it stood for "ripe," or "rough." Some even joked that the "R" stood for "really big," "recycle," or the "L" meant, "large," or "lavender." Women even joined the discussion and decided to have a little fun with the clueless guys.

The Tweet from Evan Worthen stated: 'My girlfriend left a tampon at my apartment and idk where the left one is. Anyone know where I can get a single left tampon to keep a set here for emergencies?' Worthen was joking, but it opened up a discussion online about how many men out there don't actually know the answer.

Answer: The "R" means "regular"

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