Mom Stomped in Head at Rollerskating Rink for Getting Skate Trainer Back

Monique Reetz was stomped in the head and knocked unconscious by a man after she asked to have the skate trainer back for her disabled son

Monique Reetz confronted a couple at Skate City in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for taking her 13-year-old disabled son Raymond's skate trainer. The couple, Alana Arguelles and Alfredo Arguelles, became confrontational and defensive which lead to a fight between Reetz and Alana.

During the fight (which was filmed and posted on Facebook by bystander Natascha West), Reetz was stomped in the head by Alfredo Arguelles... knocking her unconscious after saying 'f**k that bitch up'.

Monique's daughter yelled, "Mommy, no!" and quickly ran in to console her unconscious mother.

Monique Reetz was hospitalized for internal bleeding and concussion. Husband Alfredo Arguelles was charged with child abuse, third-degree assault, and later released. Colorado Springs authorities did not charge Alana Arguelles because the fight was between 2 people.

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