Mom Remarries in Hawaii After Her 2 Kids Went Missing

Lori Vallow, 46, dubbed as 'Cult Mom,' married her 5th husband, Chad Daybell, 51, in Hawaii on November 5, 2019 - 6 weeks after her young kids, Tylee, 17, and adopted son, JJ, 7, went missing

Chad Daybell, who happens to be an author of various doomsday themed books, was seen being carefree along with his new wife on their wedding day. After the wedding, authorities in Rexburg, Idaho, went to Vallow's home to perform a wellness check but was told by Lori that her son JJ was in Arizona. Authorities returned to the house the following day armed with a search warrant, but both Lori and Chad were nowhere to be seen. The couple was later found living in Kauai, Hawaii... without the children, who have been missing since September 23, 2019. Tylee's friends said that they got a text message from her but claim that the message didn't seem like it was written by her.

Surveillance video shows Lori putting the children's' belongings into a storage unit the day she left Rexburg.

Back in July 2019, Vallow's ex-husband, Charles Vallow, was murdered by her brother Alex Cox in their Arizona home. Coincidentally, Lori had a pool party with her friends the day of in Rexburg. Chad Daybell's wife, Tammy Daybell, also died mysteriously in October. Authorities have exhumed her body to further investigate how she actually died. In December, Lori's brother Alex also died mysteriously after he had gotten married in Las Vegas.

Annie Cushing, who is Lori's former sister-in-law, told news outlets that she believes Lori was obsessed with doomsday theories.

Police in Rexburg, Idaho, is still investigating what happened to her children but has not yet made any arrests while Kauai police are standing by.

Thumbnail photo: Unsplash

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