Mom Arrested for Punching 7-year-old Son at Walmart

An Arizona mom was arrested for punching her seven-year-old son in the face... because he failed to be a "lookout" while his grandma was shoplifting at Walmart

Rebecca Gonzales, 27, was arrested by Phoenix police and charged with aggravated assault after she slapped and punched her son in the face while picking him up at a Walmart located near 75th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road. The boy was bleeding around his mouth as a result of her assault.

When asked by authorities why his mother had punched him, he explained that he got in trouble because 'he didn't watch out for his grandma good enough.' According to court documents, Gonzales arrived to pick up her son who was there with his grandma and was supposed to be a "lookout" for her while she was shoplifting.


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