Mission Fed and San Diego Latino Health Coalition: Making Communities Safer

The San Diego Latino Health Coalition’s goal is to reduce COVID-19 infection rates, increase access to vital information, increase participation in COVID-19 testing and contact tracing, and most importantly, save lives. Their services include education and resources to reduce the spread of COVID-19, Community Education Sessions and Coronavirus Resource Centers throughout the county hosted by the Coalition’s lead partners (Chicano Federation, South Bay Community Services, MAAC, and San Ysidro Health).

“The Latino community has been hard-hit by the pandemic; and there are several socio-economic factors that have made them particularly susceptible to contracting the virus,” said Chicano Federation CEO Nancy Maldonado. “We formed the San Diego Latino Health Coalition to combat this health crisis and be the advocates our Latino community needs to overcome challenges brought by COVID-19 and to keep our communities safe, informed, and healthy.”

The San Diego Latino Health Coalition will increase awareness of COVID-19 safety measures and educate the community on important information through various communications channels such as community engagement sessions, radio advertising, television, and video-driven outreach, printed materials, social media, direct mail, and more.

“Educating the community about the importance of protective and preventative measures, access to medical care, and what to do in case of illness is a first step in stemming the infection rate among Latinos,” added Maldonado. “Our communities must work together to protect ourselves, our families, and others.”

For over 60 years, Mission Fed has remained dedicated to supporting the San Diego community. Today, our commitment to giving back continues through our rich partnerships with schools and nonprofit organizations directly committed to creating a healthier, stronger, vibrant and financially resilient San Diego. Our ongoing drive is to make San Diego not just “America’s Finest City,” but “America’s Kindest and Most Purposeful Region.”'

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