Meet The REAL Krystal from 'The Bachelor' - UNCENSORED Podcast

If you know me, you know I LOVE The Bachelor. And one of my favorite things to do is to analyze on night one who is going to win. And this season, my money for Arie's wife was on this blonde fitness coach from right here in San Diego. She won over a bunch of hearts night one: she was beautiful, charming, had a huge heart, and was open to finding her partner. I remember coming on the air putting all my money on Krystal the night after the premier.

As the season went on, we started to meet a new Krystal. One that wasn't as polished as night one, we'll just call her 'new Krystal', or 'NK' for short. NK seemed conniving, calculated, and insecure. So wait, who the hell was that the first night? The arguably best contestant of the season was now turning into a monster! But since she was our hometown girl, I still supported her. 

For MONTHS, I stalked her on IG trying to get her on the show. I wanted to meet the real Krystal Nielson. Was she a villain? One that would slit your throat to win a dating game? We would chat back and forth, and finally, the day after the finale, she agreed to come on our show. Right before she walked in the studio, Geena asked me "Are you nervous?" and I was, but only because I didn't know who I was going to get! Night one? NK? Who is she??

Krystal is a doll, you guys. She gave us an amazing hour podcast, so raw, so real. She opens up about EVERYTHING! Was there real chemistry between her and Arie? What's it like to be on the show? Was she really a villain or was it editing? And what exactly happened during the meltdown in Ft. Lauderdale on the bus and hotel?

You wanna know the real Krystal? Here she is. Even her biggest haters, prepare to fall in love with Krystal Nielson.

"Coach" Krystal is focusing her attention on her new workout plan! You can see some of her workouts on YouTube and follow her for more on Instagram.

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