Man's Finger Swells After Being Bitten by Baby Rattlesnake

Austin McGee of Franklin, Tennessee, was bitten on his left index finger by a baby timber rattlesnake while moving metal in the woods.

Ironically, McGee didn't make a big fuss of it and simply thought the bite would heal on its own and carried on with his work that day.

McGee's finger swelled during the next couple of days and turned gray before doctors at Saint Thomas West Hospital in Nashville opted to pop it. Luckily, doctors were able to save his finger but advised that he won't be able to fully use his finger again for another 6-8 months.

Rattlesnakes are highly venomous, injecting poison into its victim. The symptoms of a rattlesnake bite include difficulty breathing, vision impairment, numbness, and bleeding. If bitten, doctors recommend cleaning the bite area and sticking a bandage on it until you can get to a hospital.

Austin's friend, Dalton Dorris, posted pics of Austin's finger on Facebook, garnering over 13,000 reactions.

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