Man Shares Letter He Once Wrote to His Mom For Ruining His Summer

John McEneaney, of Dublin, Ireland shared a letter to his mother that he wrote with his sister Carla when they were children after they had their 250 water balloons taken away.

The furious (now hilarious) letter states that their mother had ruined their summer and that she had 'wrecked their holidays.'

John posted the 2-page letter on Twitter that was addressed to 'Mam' which says, 'You may be feeling very mad right now and wanting to ground us, well we don't care, we already feel like we are grounded'. He pointed out that his Mam had 'wasted $5 on water balloons' and that they would have nothing to share about their Summer to their teachers now that their Summer was ruined.

'Thanks for ruining the start of our summer. We hope you are happy'.

I find it hilarious that John and Carla had signed the letter, crossed it out, and continued it on the back! I guess they were REALLY mad!

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