Man Locked and Tortured Girlfriend for 3 Months in his Dungeon

Jason Smith

Jason Smith, 48, of Scottdale, Arizona, built a sex dungeon in his house and locked, tortured his girlfriend in it for 3 months

When they met online through a dating site, he told her that he had a "50 Shades of Grey with a twist" lifestyle.

Jason Smith was a former certified public accountant from California who got his license taken away in 2015 for fraud.

In his home, he had a dungeon in 'the great room' with chains, whips, torture devices, shock collar, racks... you name it. Their relationship started off relatively normal and not concerning when she agreed to move in with him. Eventually, he had her sign a contract, listing out all the things he expected in return for her living there. He wanted a dominant-submissive relationship where she was to be his 'slave' while he was the 'master.' She was also to sleep in a cage each night.

The woman eventually escaped on Sunday, May 5 and immediately called the daughter of Smith's business partner and the local police. After his arrest, the woman, oddly, began defending Smith and said, 'I love him to death.' Smith was booked at Maricopa County Jail on charges of aggravated assault and kidnapping but posted his $250,000 bail.

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