An LAX Alaska Airlines Baggage Handler Caught Tossing luggage from Plane

An Alaska Airlines baggage handler was seen on a video posted to Twitter by Raz Davidov throwing passengers' suitcases from a plane at LAX.

The baggage handler was throwing the luggage onto a cart, but most of them dropped directly onto the tarmac ground.

'Taken place at LAX, Los Angeles International Airport, one of the Alaska Airlines workers was carelessly throwing luggage out of the plane. This is unacceptable!' wrote Raz Davidov

On the flipside, this man didn't seem to have the proper equipment such as a ramp or maybe even another person to help. That's a lot of luggage to move in a short timeframe.

Alaska Airlines stated that the man seen in the video was a contract vendor and will not be allowed to work again for the airline.

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