Last Blockbuster in the World Will Remain Open in Bend, Oregon

If you were alive during Blockbuster's hay day, you'll remember the long lines on Friday nights, "be kind, rewind" stickers, late fees, and waiting by the video return box to see if anyone had just returned a copy of Jurassic Park so that you could rent it... but today, the last Blockbuster store is last standing... in Bend, Oregon.

Visitors to Bend, Oregon are flocking to the last Blockbuster video store to take selfies, buy t-shirts, and get their hands on DVDs for ol'e time's sake. The store was set to close its doors at the end of the year, but with all the tourists that have been visiting the location, the owners have decided to keep the name alive by selling souvenirs.

Blockbuster Video has been around for at least 25 years. Watching Blockbuster slowly disappear was like watching a piece of your childhood fade away. I remember renting Back To The Future part 2, twice, because I loved it so much from my local store. Today, if you wanna rent a video disc, you have to go through Netflix or Redbox.

The last few Blockbuster locations survived mainly off DVD rentals since most local citizens, mainly in small rural towns, don't have access to or don't want to bother with streaming movies on the internet.

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