Lady Gaga Engaged to Christian Carino

Lada Gaga is engaged

Lada Gaga AKA Mother Monster is engaged!

Lady Gaga, 32, is engaged to Christian Carino, a Hollywood agent. It's been about a year since the rumors started back in November 2017. Carino was on the receiving end of thanks from Lady Gaga during her speech at Elle's 25th Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration in Los Angeles.

No one is sure when the engagement actually happened, but many have noticed Lady Gaga wearing a ring on her left-hand ring finger for a few months, at least. 

Back in 2016, Lady Gaga broke off her engagement to ex Taylor Kinney. About 6 months after that breakup, she was seen with Carino at the 2017 Super Bowl. He was seen at her 31st birthday party, in then the Hamptons with her.

It sounds like love to us and we're so happy for Mother Monster!