Blind Autistic Singer Leaves America's Got Talent Judges in Tears

Kodi Lee, 22, had the entire room on their feet following his America's Got Talent performance.

Lee was accompanied by his mother, Tina Lee who explained to the judges that her son was blind and autistic. 'We found out that he loved music early on,' explained Tina. 'It has actually saved his life, playing music.' According to Kodi's website, he's one of 25 musical prodigious savants in the world.

Kodi got on the mic and announced that he wanted to, 'sing a song for you on the piano' and proceed to perform a rendition of "A Song For You" by Leon Russell

After Kodi's touching performance, the entire audience gave him a standing ovation, including judges, Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union in tears. Union, moved by Kodi's performance decided that he was deserving of the coveted golden buzzer. Kodi will be advancing straight to the finals in Los Angeles. Simon Cowell stated, 'I will remember this for the rest of my life'

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