Jobs For College Students With No Experience

Jobs for college students with no experience

You've just graduated from college and you're ready to enter the workforce and carve your own path in life

There is no doubt, the first year after graduation is the absolute worst. Your life is about to change and you're about to step into having real responsibilities... like getting and holding down a job. So you go and throw out your resume to every company, business, shop, employer you can find and you get no responses. NONE.

There's something I learned while on the job over the years - it's that job pay is usually based on the amount of competition there is between you and other applicants (supply and demand). So if there is a job where there are not a lot of applicants, the pay and perks usually go up until they find someone to fill it. Chances are, you're probably applying for jobs that have a ton of other applicants. It's hard to stand out when your resume doesn't have a whole lot of highlights.  

What do you do when you don't have any real world experience on your resume or don't have any personal connections? You've got to get creative. 

Here are some jobs that don't require a lot of previous work experience:

Social Media Manager

Every brand in the world needs someone who can manage their social media accounts between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It's a lot of work. Chances are, you probably have a little experience in growing a following, managing it, and getting content out each day. You'll probably need some courses in marketing to understand how to manage a brand before you start, but if you can prove that you're the person for the job, you'll get hired!

Delivery or Uber/Lyft Driver

Do you know how many packages a day need to get from one point to the next? LOTS. Every business needs package deliveries. If you've got a car and a clean driving record, you might be eligible for this job. The best part? The hours are somewhat flexible. 

Garbage Collector/Sanitation Engineer

If you don't mind getting up early in the morning, want benefits, are fairly fit and able to do a little physical lifting, got a good driving record, you can apply to do this job

Freelance Writer

Let's say you majored in English and want to use your experience to turn it into a solid living. Maybe you were good at doing research papers while you were in college. Do you like working from home or on your own? This is the job for you! There are plenty of websites online where you can link up with people who need help writing a book, blog, or article. 

Work at a bookstore or library

All that schooling, you're bound to know a thing or two about books. It may not be an exciting job, but how many jobs actually are? Find a local bookstore or library and apply

Police Officer, Security Guard, or Club Bouncer

There's more to this job than walking around a building or shopping mall looking for troublemakers. You can assist in transporting cash in an armored vehicle. You can work as TSA at your local airport. You can even work as a traffic or parking enforcement officer. You'll have to pass a drug test, have a clean record, and maybe even a polygraph test for most of these jobs. You might even have to learn to use a firearm. 

Photographer or Graphic Arts

Love taking photos? This is one of those industries where your portfolio matters more than your experience. You'll probably have to shell out some money to get some lights, gear, camera(s), or lenses before you can start as an independent photographer, but once you get it, you can show off your portfolio on Instagram and start booking clients for their next event. Most photographers edit on a computer nowadays, so you can also offer graphic design services to your clients as well. 

Museum or Tour Guide

You just wrapped up years of history or art courses in school; what do you do with it? Work as a guide at a museum or tourist spot. If you're gonna work independently, you'll need to get a business license and any permits required to do the job, before you're ready to show people around town.

Casino Table Game Dealer

If you want to work in the leisure industry, and you enjoy a fast-paced environment, this is it! The tips are usually good too. You'll need to complete some training, have customer service skills, an ability to do math quickly in your head, and a real attention to detail before you can get in on this career


Can you speak a second language? If so, you can be a translator for clients who require the help on international business deals, courtrooms, and any other important situations. You'll need to get certified before you can officially work. 

Real Estate Broker

This is one of those jobs that require you to have an extensive network of contacts and people skills. If you're uncomfortable striking up a conversation with strangers, move on to the next job. But if you're still interested... there are some BIG bucks in closing deals. You'll need to get an agent license (usually a 60+ hour course) before you start so that you can learn about all the legalities of selling and buying a home. 

Be a Server or Bartender at a Restaurant or Bar

The tips are usually good depending on the restaurant and your clientele. Working as a server or bartender allows you to meet all types of people from all walks of life. One of your patrons may end up being a reference for one of your future jobs. It's all about who you know in this world in order to get a leg up. The only requirement is probably having a good personality and being able to remember things short-term.

Cable TV, Internet Installer

Again, you'll have to be comfortable interacting with different types of people and situations to do this job, but the pay is pretty good.

Words of encouragement

The number one thing you can do at this stage is to simply stay focused. There is a big world out there and SOMEONE needs your talent and skills. Be patient, broaden your horizons and keep applying. Maybe the career you end up going into isn't the career you originally had in mind. That's OK.