Jellyfish Invade Southern California Harbor

Hundreds of translucent "moon jellies" have gathered in Huntington Harbor and near a public beach close by. While this variety of jellyfish are fairly common, a grouping of this size is definitely unusual.

Fortunately, this variety of jellyfish does not sting. They are actually categorizes and plankton and are made up almost entirely of water, so they flow with the ocean's tides and currents. The creatures have no shape when remove

Local naturalist Jessica Roame, told the Orange County Register that the jellies can be seen up close in shallow waters because “there’s so many of them.”

For anyone wanting to visit the harbor to see them, the jellies present no threat to humans and can certainly be touched, they shouldn't be removed as they cannot hold their shape out of water.

According to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, jellie are three times as old as dinosaurs, having existed for at least 500 million years. Sea jellies have no heart, brain, or lungs and no means of propulsion.

Moon Jellyfish swim in the Baja Gallery

Photo: AFP

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