Is it OK to Contact a Customer for a Date?

An anonymous 23-year-old woman asked Reddit if it was OK for a man, who installed her car wipers at a car dealership, to get her phone number from the system and contact her for a date?

The question has the community divided. Some saying that the man should not have breached privacy lines like that, others saying, "what's the big deal?"

The woman is torn whether to report the man or simply let it go. Especially since the two had a pleasant conversation while at the dealership. She insisted that she never gave the man her number nor gave him permission to contact her. She doesn't want to get the man in trouble but really felt uncomfortable that a man used private information from his workplace's database to contact someone for non-business related purposes.

What do you think? Was it creepy or normal for the man to do what he did?

I (23F) recently went to a dealership to get new wipers put on my car. I was there for all of 5 minutes while a guy who worked there (late 20s M) put the wipers on. We had a short, friendly conversation and then I paid and went on my way, thinking nothing of it.  However, later that evening, I received a text from a number identifying himself as the guy from the dealership. He basically said he had a great time talking to me, and was hoping that we could meet up some time to talk again in the future.  This made me really uncomfortable because I never gave him my phone number. He must have gotten it from my profile with the dealership. I feel like that’s a breech of privacy on his part, and if he wanted to shoot his shot he could’ve just done it while I was there in person.  So WIBTA if I report him? I would have no doubt about it if he had made me uncomfortable during our irl interaction, but we had a pleasant conversation. I don’t want to get anybody in trouble, but it just really sits the wrong way with me that he has access to so many peoples information and is willing to use it in that way.

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