How You Look In The Mirror is NOT How The World Sees You

TikTok user Ruby Blackman, 16, was horrified when she realized that the flipped image taken with your selfie cam is how you actually look like to the world

Take a picture of yourself, then flip it, that's how you actually look

Confused? Think about where your hair side-line parts... in the mirror, it shows the opposite side of where it actually is. How people actually see you is the opposite of how you look in the mirror. According to Ruby Blackman, the public sees you the way your selfie camera does. The mirror only shows a reflection, NOT the point of view.

Ruby Blackman proves her point by flipping her face and then asks, 'so I'm actually ugly?' after pointing out that people see you the way your iPhone selfie camera does. A comment from a photographer explains that's the reason why most people hate getting their professional photos taken.

Does your iPhone camera give you self-esteem issues?

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