How to Buy Burger King's Whopper for 1 penny at McDonald's

How to buy Burger King Whoppers for 1 Penny at McDonald's

Burger King excels at trolling other fast-food chains

Burger King just launched a 9-day "Whopper Detour" promotion through December 12 where it will sell customers Whopper burgers for 1 penny at McDonald's. Confused? Here's how it works... 

How do you get the Burger King Whopper for 1 penny?

In order to get the Whopper deal, customers must find a Burger King location that's in close proximity to a McDonald's restaurant. Customers must log into the BK app on iTunes or Android. The customer must be inside one of those nearby McDonald's locations while logged into the BK app where the promotion for 1 cent Whoppers will appear on the app in which the customer can place an order. 

So essentially, the customer will be able to buy a Whopper at McDonald's. That would make more than 14,000 McDonald's locations become Burger King restaurants. Talk about trolling level 100. 

Burger King even released a short video about how to order the Whopper at McDonald's. 

Before heading to either fast-food restaurant, remember to check the BK app to see where mobile ordering is available.

Last Spring, during prom season, a Burger King in Lynn, Massachusetts asked Wendy's (down the street) to prom on their storefront sign.

Surprisingly, Wendy's replied, with a few conditions.

“OK, but don’t get handsy and we have to be home by 10,” Wendy’s tweeted.

Burger King was ecstatic! 

Of course, Wendy's had a little fun with the whole ordeal.